Be Brave

Be Brave

The process of creating requires, always, that you take a risk.  Whether you are using a keyboard, a pencil, an instrument, your hands, a all requires that you decide it's time for you to create something.

Humans...we were MADE for creation.  We thrive when we are using our talents to create something that only we can.  I often hear people say "I'm not creative".  Are you human? Yes.  Are you breathing? Yes.  Then you are creative.  Even how you manage your family's budget requires that you use your creativity.  Making plans for the weekend, deciding what to make for dinner, picking the perfect gift, making something.  It all requires that *we* create it.

Now back to the risk.  Yes, it will always be risky.  Will people like it? How will they respond? Is this really not that great?.  This why it requires bravery.  You have to be brave enough to create it but also to RELEASE IT.  Releasing it is the greater risk. You have to surrender to the outcome because guess what? You simply can't control it.  You can't control how others will perceive your work.  The GIFT comes in being present while creating it.  That is where the joy lives...and that is why again and again we will go back to creating.  You show up to do the work, fully there, fully present and then you let it will give it to the universe and detach from what happens then on.

Is that easy? Oh no, it never is....but we are brave, so I trust that you too will jump in and do the thing you were made to do.


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