March Newsletter

March Newsletter

What inspires me? - I get this question a lot and the truth is I find inspiration in the mundane. The little bird grabbing a drink after the rain, the light filtering through the trees, the way my kids dimples show up when they see me at car line.

However, some days I can't see it. Some days feel heavy or I'm in a hurry (aren't we all?). But do you want to know what can quickly get me out of that funk? Music and Poetry. I recently came across the work of Maya Stein (she will send you a 10-line poem every Tuesday if you sign-up on her site!).

Below is a favorite she shared recently. I love how she starts with reminding us to be where we areand finishes with "remember why you are here". Isn't that just beautiful?. Life is now, right where you are. Don't wait until the "big break" or the house sells or a bigger studio or more time. The time to live is now. Take that space. Remember why you are here.


wherever you are

by Maya Stein

Wherever you are, be there. Take up space. Occupy the full dimension. Unfold the map of your body. Celebrate its topographical wonder, its unpredictable weather. Make a pool of your movements, then swimthrough the ripples, parting the room with your footsteps. Make no apology for the squeak of your soles, how your jacket swishes at your thighs, that the dustis making your sneeze. Consider it all a kind of orchestra, you tuning the keys, you lifting the horn of your whole self to the air. Let the notes of you blast out, at a register and speed that won’t leave you hungry or empty. Let anyone hear, as they walk by with their shoulders up, pretending not to listen. Wherever you are, remember why you are here: to sing.

 (This poem was shared in my March newsletter with permission from the author) 




I am thrilled to share I will be joining a curated group of Well & Wonder artists showing work at Blue Hills at Round Top in Texas this Spring! What a dream come true to be there (hoping to go in person as well!)



Yesterday I packed up my husband's truck and headed to Charlotte to visit the fabulous team at Shain and drop off all new work!

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