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Bunch of Bees....what is that?

Oh friends, long before I ever picked up a brush I taught myself how to do digital Illustration.  This happened right after my kids were born and my heart was ACHING for a way to express myself.  "Bunch of Bees" was born and I had so much fun dreaming up of new characters and making them come to life. You will see the option to shop them under "Children Illustrations" in my shop! I ran an Etsy shop with customized digital prints of my illustrations.  You may have seen my work on Project nursery, baby steals, mama bargains and more.  Now Shopify is making it easy to bring these babies back and I couldn't be more excited!

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How do I start a commission?

The first time I did a commission I was a little nervous.  After all it works backwards than my regular work.  The customer has an expectation prior to seeing the final product. It quickly became one of my favorite ways to work with my customers.  I have hidden pictures, names, stories and marks in my commissions.  I always say a painting holds your secrets...mine and yours as the viewer.  When special details are included then we have a common secret and the result fills that painting with  energy. So how do you start?.  First think about what size works best for you and where it will go in your home.  I recommend using blue tape and trying out different sizes...

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